Erotic Story:-Late Night Rendezvous (+18)

I crossed the conference room making a beeline directly for him. I had sat in my seat during his entire presentation getting wetter by the moment watching him walk around and discuss the latest financial forecast for the company. I sat in the second row gazing at him during the entire presentation, watching him walk slowly back and forth in his dark blue pin striped suit with his white shirt and perfectly paired tie. He looked like a typical upper management type, with his short trimmed hair and the glasses that sat across the bridge of his nose making him look not only intelligent but gave him a hint of being a nerd and that I loved. He was tall well over six feet probably closer to six foot five inches. He was at least 10 inches taller than my own five foot seven inches. I saw him talking with one of my co-workers and hung back a little waiting for them to finish up. As he glanced up from his conversation with her, he saw me standing there and gave me a quick wink. Looking back at her, he smiled a row of beautiful white teeth and a dimple in his right cheek. My eyes swept over his tanned face with his pronounced brow, up to his dark blond trimmed hair, back down to his deep blue eyes hidden behind his square framed glasses. He was attractive in a different way, he did not have the rugged good looks or the pretty-boy look either, he was just an intelligent, handsome man. My gaze traveled down his body taking in his slightly muscular chest, he was fit but not overly muscular as some men get that spend hours in the gym, he had more of a strong toned look to his tall slim build. He had very long legs that came up well past my waist, given his tall stature this was not a surprise.

I waited patiently for him to finish, glancing around the room, most of my co-workers had left for the night and it looked as though it was just the three of us left in the conference room, Jake, my co-worker Shelly, and myself. I waited for Shelly to finish talking with Jake standing patiently listening occasionally, but thinking about our last encounter after a quick dinner after work, we had flirted and caressed each other lightly all throughout dinner until we left and I had sucked his manhood in the taxicab ride back to our respective neighborhoods. I had felt so naughty licking and suckling on his hardness within the backseat while the cab driver drove to my house first. He had shot his hot seed into my throat right before pulling up beside my house, Jake had said that he would pay for the cab and said thanks giving me a big kiss on the lips tasting the remnants of his own flavor upon my lips. I felt my panties getting slick with desire waiting now impatiently for Shelly to finish, finally they wrapped up their conversation and Shelly waved goodbye as she walked out of the conference room.

Glancing around Jake said, “finally we are alone,” advancing towards me and pulling me into a passionate kiss. I moaned against his lips, his hands slipping up to cup both sides of my face. Pulling me into a deeper kiss, his tongue swirling around mine, exploring my mouth. I felt his hardening manhood pressed against my lower stomach as he bent over me slightly kissing me harder. He walked me slowly backwards until my butt was touching the conference table. I opened my eyes and laughed pulling away from him. Looking around the conference room, I could see the windows of the surrounding buildings through the floor to ceiling windows that made up two of the walls of the conference room. He gripped my hips and lifted me up onto the table, lifting my skirt up as he did so; I lay back on the conference table spread out for his enjoyment.

He smiled at me and slid his hand up my inner thigh teasingly, moving the fabric aside of my silky panties. He caressed my outer folds until he found my hidden love button. Pushing lightly upon my clitoris I moaned into his ear as he kissed down my neck. He explored my sex and dipped a finger into me, examining my innermost places with his wandering finger. He pulled out of me, leaving me with a hunger left within my abdomen. He slipped off my panties as I wriggled my hips to assist him in removing my panties. He tossed my panties to the floor and quickly removed his own pants, unzipping them and unbuttoning them freeing his hard manhood. It sprang forth in all its glorious state, hard with a deep purple toned head, just waiting to be licked or sucked. His penis was large and thick, my hand barely fit around the girth, and the size filled my mouth.

He pushed the head up to the opening of my sex, sliding gently into my slick desire. I moaned loudly as he buried himself deep to his full length in one fluid motion. His magnificent hardness moved swiftly in and out of my wet fold. I felt my own climax deep within my womb, building and ascending to a greater arousal. My own juices coating his manhood as he stroked in and out of my womanhood, faster and faster, he moved until I lay back moaning and screaming during the first wave of orgasm. The orgasm rocketed repeatedly over my body until I lay there trembling gripping his hips, before I felt him tighten and tremble within me. I felt a gush of warmness as he grunted and exploded deep within me. I lay back on the table panting, trying to catch my breath, my heart pounding loudly within my ears was the other sound I could hear other than his own hard labored breathing.

He slowly lifted himself up off my chest and pulled his manhood from my soaking wetness. I laid back for a moment savoring the after effects of the recent orgasm, catching my breath finally. “Wow, that was hot,” he exclaimed breathing out with each word, as he zipped up his pants again and fetched my panties handing them to me. I put my panties back on while sitting on the edge of the conference table. I could feel them saturated immediately by the mixture of our combined juices. “We better head out before someone walks in here,” I said with a giggle. We walked out hand in hand realizing that we were the only individuals within the office that were there for the night.

Sensual Escapes

I heard the phone ring and jumped up off the couch to answer it. “Hello,” I said as I picked up the receiver. I heard a deep voice reply, “Hello.” Instantly I knew it was Jonathan, his deep voice always caused an immediate stirring of lust within my body. He cleared his throat and asked, “Mistress may I come over?” “Yes you may thank you for asking. Stop by in about 10 minutes,” I said hanging up the phone and running upstairs to get my room ready for his visit. I opened the door to my bedside nightstand and grabbed out a bottle of lubricant, a pair of silk ties, and a piece of black cloth. Laying the items on the nightstand, I went down in the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water and a little blue pill out of the bottle in the cupboard. I always enjoyed having Jonathan take one of the little blue pills so that we could have more and more fun for hours without him losing his erection. I set the bottle of water and blue pill on the kitchen table and walked into the living room.

I walked by the mirror in the living room and glanced down my petite body, I am just over five foot tall, and with long curly blond hair that touches the waistband of the shorts, I am wearing. My slender legs are nice and tan after spending days in the sun working in my garden and yard. Thin fit arms protrude out from beneath my sleeveless blouse that buttons just above my perfectly round breasts that are waiting to be caressed. Thinking about Jonathan has my panties slick with desire as well as my nipples hardening beneath my shirt. I take a seat on the couch and breathe deeply relaxing my anticipating mind and body for the afternoon of desire and craving I have been wanting.

I heard a knock on the door and jumped up from the couch. I grabbed the door pulling it open; there he was standing there my older lover Jonathan. His dark blond hair just tinged with grey made him look much younger than his 52 years. His muscular arms and chest were now covered by a black t-shirt, his biceps bulging out from beneath his shirtsleeves. His blue jeans had the slightest hint of a bulge as I gazed down his body taking in his taller stature. He was just over 6 foot tall, and his handsome face and delightful mouth were surrounded by a goatee and moustache, his bright blue eyes gazed at me. I grabbed his hand and pulled him inside quickly shutting the door. Trying to get him into the house as quickly as possible, I never wanted my neighbors to see him, what would they think of me tending to my own desires with a man 20 years older than me, he was almost old enough to be my father. I pushed his back against the door after I slammed it and pressed my body close to his, feeling the bulge within his pants, “you ready for me today,” I whispered in his ear after standing on my tiptoes and him bending his head towards me. “Yes mistress,” he said looking towards the floor. “Do you remember the rules?” I asked biting his ear lightly and he stiffened against me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

His arms easily encircled my petite body, with my small round breasts with their pink nipples just perfect to fit inside a man’s mouth for a little nuzzling. My tight round butt wiggled slightly to get closer to him, fitting my body up against his, and resting my head upon his chest, he leaned his head back and recited the rules, “I need to ask permission to speak, I must call you mistress, and I must obey your wishes.” I smiled at him and patted his cheek before standing on my tiptoes again to plant a kiss on his lips. “Come on, I have your little blue pill ready,” I said with a laugh emphasizing each word for little blue pill. I walked him into the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of water handing it to him, feeling the cool bottle in my warm hand and the blue pill. He opened the bottle took a swallow of water, then popped the pill in his mouth and followed with a swallow of water, smiling at me I led him upstairs. Knowing that now, I would have many hours of fun to work with enjoying my little playmate.

Leading him by the hand we walked into my room, I smiled at him and said, “Undress me.” He obliged immediately walking up to me and slowly unbuttoning each button of my blouse moving with slightly trembling fingers down my blouse until he got to the last button. He pushed the blouse off my shoulders taking care to caress my skin delicately with his fingertips. I could feel his rough calloused fingers moving across my supple flesh. His darker toned skin from hours of work out in the sun contrasted against my paler smooth white skin. He ran his fingertips across my lacy blue bra, taking care to rub across my hardening nipple through the fabric. His hands reached around to my back unhooking my bra and pulling it off my shoulders, dropping it on the floor. Gliding his hands down my arms and feathering across my abdomen to the tops of my pants, undoing the button he slides the zipper down and my shorts off my hips and onto the floor at my feet. Slipping his fingers into the strings of my panties, he pulled those down and let the silky fabric slide down my legs. I kicked them off and said, “Undress yourself now,” as I lay down upon the bed.

I admired him as he peeled off his t-shirt and unbuttoned his pants, sliding down the zipper slowly he slid them off his hips and down to the floor. He stepped out of his pants and then pulled off his boxers and as he stood, I saw he already had a nice sized hard on. I got up off the bed and walked up to him, swaying my hips deliberately as I walked. I saw him glancing down at my freshly shaved womanhood; I had decided to leave a small line of trimmed hair that went straight up from my aching desire. I felt a longing deep within my abdomen as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and stood on my tiptoes to kiss him on the mouth. He wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me closer almost lifting me up off the ground as he bent his head and kissed me deeper.

I broke the kiss and led him over to the bed, I smiled at him and said, “Jonathan lie down.” He immediately followed directions and climbed onto the bed lying down upon the bed. I climbed up over his body and positioned my slick heat directly over his face, straddling his head between my legs, I gripped the headboard directly above his head in my petite hands and said, “lick me and pleasure me now pet.” He wrapped his arms around my legs and pulled my lips apart with his fingers, slowly bringing his head up towards my womanhood, he licked my moist lips once…twice…three times before sliding his tongue into my wetness. He licked up my slit and found my clitoris, bringing it into his mouth he sucked and flicked his tongue across my button. I felt an immediate craving at the pleasure he was bestowing upon me. My breath quickened as he brought me to the first wave of orgasm, a massive amount of pleasure washed over my body as he slid a finger into my wetness. I closed my eyes and dipped my hips down to grind into his tongue, his finger probed within me, touching my deeper regions. He added another finger, stretching my tight womanhood, feeling his fingers stroking in and out. I matched his rhythm grinding my hips and my wet desire onto his tongue. I moved my hips faster sliding my slick heat across my face back and forth, faster and faster, until I was screaming in pleasure. I was gripping the headboard and threw my head back as the first burst of juices gushed from me and coated his face, he lapped at me hungrily as another wave of orgasm rocked through my body leaving me trembling and shaking. He slowed his licking of my lips knowing that I enjoyed him to match my own orgasmic experiences.

I said, “Stop,” and he stopped licking immediately. I climbed off him rubbing my wetness down his chest as I moved off him and lay upon the bed. I could see my juices glistening over his soft chest hair. I rubbed my hand over his chest and put my fingers into his mouth letting him suck my juices from my fingers. I got up off the bed, straddled his waist, and reached over grabbing the silk ties and black cloth. I wrapped the black cloth around his eyes, tying it securely at the back of his head. Grabbing one arm, I brought it up over his head, fastened the silk tie around his wrist, and then to the bed, then did the same with the other one. He was tied to the bed and breathing deeply, his erection was pointing straight up towards the ceiling as he lay on his back. I crawled down his body running my fingertips lightly across his skin, making goose bumps over his skin. I gripped his hardness between my two hands one on top of another, my petite hands barely wrapping around his thick manhood. I licked the head, bringing my mouth down over his erection, it felt warm within my mouth, and a moan escaped his lips. I brought it further into my mouth sucking and wetting as much as I could take without gagging. Stroking it in and out of my mouth, his breathing increased and he was moaning louder and louder.

I ran my fingers over his balls massaging lightly as I felt him begin to tremble within my mouth. He was moaning louder and louder and I was increasing my mouth movements faster and faster to match his increased arousal. His manhood was throbbing within my mouth, I stopped stroking his erection with my hands and mouth and let it fall from my lips slick with my own saliva. He let out a whimper as it fell from my lips. Still blindfolded he could not see what I was doing. I straddled his hardness between my thighs and impaled myself upon him. As I thrust downward I gripped my fingers into his chest, the first stroke only had him partially into me, the second thrust of my hips downward had him fully deep inside me. I rode him slowly at first feeling the fullness of his manhood stretching me.

After a few strokes up and down, I increased my speed, moving faster and more swiftly up and down upon his hardness. His throbbing erection was deep within me, I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips and then moved back so I was sitting straight up and down upon him. He was panting and moaning throwing his head back and forth on the bed, I smiled to myself as my own orgasm was beginning to ascend and heighten. I felt pleasure building within my groin and my juices were running down my thighs as I moved up and down upon his hard erection. I began to feel my orgasm at the point of explosion, as Jonathan and I both let out a scream as we climaxed. I could feel hot spurts of his juices explode inside me as I felt my muscles contracting around his erection and slipping out from within me. He laid there trembling as I moved off him; I climbed off the bed and grabbed a towel. Cleaning him up with the towel, I untied him and took off the blindfold. I laid down on the bed next to him my head on his chest, while his fingertips traced circles along my soft skin. We laid there for a while before it was time for him to go home and sneak back out of my house before my neighbors came home and saw him.

Afternoon of Pleasure

I was almost jumping out of my skin in anticipation of Nauk’s visit. I could not wait to feel his strong muscular arms wrapped around my own body. I glanced out the window and ran back into the kitchen to check on the dinner that I had prepared special for his visit. I heard a knock on the door just as I opened the oven door to check on the roast duck that I had prepared, slamming the oven door I ran to the front door and whisked it open. There stood Nauk looking so incredible with his long dark green hair that was braided down his back, light purple skin that always turned darker purple as he was aroused. I glanced down his muscular arms as I grabbed hold of his masculine hands leading him into the house. Shutting the door I reached my arms up to wrap around his shoulders and bring his head down closer to me. He bent down to kiss me lightly on the lips; I could feel my pink skin flush bright red with arousal. As I pulled away from his warm embrace I could see his skin starting to get deeper in coloring, his eyes were darkening with lust.

“Something smells good,” Nauk said inhaling deeply, “And it’s not just you, Kyseria,” he said smiling at me. “I made your favorite, roast duck with stuffing and potatoes,” I said sweetly leading him into my quaint living area of my small cottage. I inhaled deeply smelling his musky scent knowing that he must have been hunting in the forest, “did you bring me anything?” I asked smiling. “Of course do you think I would spend the morning hunting in the forest without bringing you something? I put a fresh boar to smoke in the smokehouse out back when I got here. I saw you kept peaking through the curtains and I waited until you walked to check on dinner I assumed and darted into the back to throw it in the smoker, I threw some fresh wood in there as well,” he said smiling and pulling me closer for a quick peck on the lips. Our lips met and the peck turned into a more passionate embrace that left me feeling the lust of desire deep within my abdomen. My skin blushed brighter with color as my arousal increased and the desire threatened to take over my entire body, I felt the slick wetness between my thighs. His kiss grew more frenzied and he gripped my round butt in his strong fingers pulling me closer.

His tongue entered my mouth, flirting with my own lightly circling it as he drew me closer into his strong embrace, running his fingers up my back. I felt his fingertips brush along my light blue hair that touched the top of my short skirt that I had worn just for today. I had also put on a sleeveless shirt that was lower cut to show off my cleavage, something that Nauk always liked. My perfectly round breasts were poking up through the slit in the front of my shirt like two beautiful mountains waiting to escape. It was hot in the summer months of Trelaka, a magical kingdom within the realm of Enc. I lived in a small village called Shaminy that was surrounded by forests in which Nauk would hunt. I always loved when Nauk would bring me his fresh catch so that I could smoke it in the back of the cottage; it preserved the meat to be used on another occasion and made the meat delicious.

Nauk pulled back and inhaled deeply savoring my sweet scent, as my arousal increased so did the aroma of flowers within the air. My own sweet scent is one that is a mixture of spring flowers. Nauk ran his fingers down the front of my shirt, looking at me with dark pools of lust, his eyes had clouded over due to his arousal and his once dark green eyes were now black with desire. My own golden eyes I am sure were now dark amber due to the arousal I was feeling within my abdomen, my womb was aching with a craving for Nauk. I wanted him to whisk me away to the bedroom for an afternoon of love making, however I know that he likes to savor each moment with me and would never permit such an action. He always says that lovemaking must be passionate and loving, with embracing, light touches and should be savored.

Nauk’s fingers felt like fire upon my skin, his touches were sending jolts of pleasure along my skin as he gently touched the tops of my breasts. We sat down on the divan and he pulled me onto his lap, lifting me up into his lap. Caressing my skin lightly with his fingertips, he ran his palms up and down my arms and over the tops of my breasts again. Squeezing my breasts lightly his strong hands felt protective over my flesh, softly grasping my nipple between his fingertips. He rolled my hardening nub in his fingers as I leaned back moaning loudly, he brought his mouth swiftly down along my throat kissing down my neck. Nuzzling into my neck his lightly kissed up to my ear and sucked lightly on the bottom-rounded lobe following the shape of my ear he took the point in his mouth at the top. I moaned louder feeling the immense arousal from the intense sensations moving across my pointed ear.

I pulled his head closer to me gripping his shoulders; he licked along my ear sending more sensations directly to my womb. I pulled his handsome face with his chiseled good looks towards me, gripping his darkening purple cheeks within my hands pulling him closer to me for a passionate embrace. His mouth crushed down upon mine his tongue invading my mouth with an expert motion, swirling around my tongue sending pleasurable shivers along my body. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of his hands caressing my breasts while his mouth explored mine. I ran my hands down to his chest and unbuttoned the sleeveless leather vest he wore, exposing his masculine chest. I could feel the roughness from the rawhide pants he had on, my short linen skirt was pulled up just enough for him to slide his hand between my thighs to touch my silken panties lightly. I spread my legs slightly so he had easier access to my womanhood. He explored me with his fingers lightly, pushing the fabric of my panties aside to touch my smooth shaved lips. He parted my lips and plunged a finger into my already damp sex, pushing deeper I arched my back pulling his head down onto my breast; he nuzzled the hard nub through the fabric of my sleeveless shirt. I unbuttoned my shirt with trembling fingers as he was bringing me to a mounting orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through my body as he pushed another finger into my secret place pleasuring me as no other creature man nor elf had ever done. My elven lover Nauk whispered into my ear, “Kyseria just let go,” as I released and felt a gush of juices coat his fingers.

I leaned back still savoring the moments of the aftermath from the climax just experienced. I moaned softly against his mouth as he kissed me lightly on the lips. “You hungry, cause I am starving,” Nauk said. “Yes very,” I said getting up off his lap and straightening my skirt. I walked into the kitchen and opened the oven, grabbing a hot pad I took out the roast duck, potatoes and stuffing. Grabbing two plates, I set the table and brought the food over to the table. “Select a bottle of mead please and could you check on the boar smoking in the back while you’re out there,” I asked sweetly. “Yes no problem Kyseria I love to help,” Nauk, said opening the door to walk outside. I finished getting the roast duck ready cutting it up; it smelled wonderful in the house. I heard the door open and heard Nauk walk back into the house. “All done darling,” he said cheerily coming into the kitchen inhaling deeply the scents of roasted meat. His shirt was still unbuttoned and I could see his muscular chest and wanted to run my fingers over his taut purple skin. Nauk walked up to me and grasping the edges of my open shirt, he admired my supple breasts, pulling me closer to him for a heated embrace. I could feel the heat from the summer air upon his lips and his skin was still hot from going outside and checking on the boar meat.

I inhaled deeply his musky scent mixed with a deeper darker desire as well, a smoldering heat was emanating from his muscular body. I pulled myself away and felt a longing deep within my womb, a wanting that I could not stifle at the moment. “Ready for dinner,” I asked motioning towards the table. “Oh the mead,” I said walking towards the cellar, “I’ll get it,” he replied heading towards the cellar door, opening the door in the floor and descending the stairs. He quickly came back up with a dark brown bottle in his hand shutting the cellar door in the floor he walked back into the kitchen and set it at the table putting the mead down and taking a seat. We ate and enjoyed idle conversation when finished with our dinner he cleared the table and washed the dishes while I went out to the yard to check on the boar. I walked out the door and was blasted with a burst of hot summer air, the air felt thick with moisture and stifling hot. I walked out and stretched in the hot summer sun looking around at the surrounding trees that offered a bit of shade for the back yard of the cottage. I walked to the smoker and checked on the boar it looked as if it was getting nicely smoked it was a nice size boar that he had hunted and shot with his bow and arrow. Nauk was an expert marksman with his bow and arrow, providing the finest animals for feasts and festivals within Shaminy. I walked back into the house after putting more wood on the fire below the smoker.

I walked into the cooler interior of my cottage, breathing deeply savoring the lingering smells of the roast duck. I came into the kitchen and admired Nauk’s backside his muscular butt and back working away at finishing the dishes. I sauntered up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist, hugging my body closely to him. I moaned as I leaned close to him running my fingers up the front of his chest. “I’ve missed you Nauk,” I said kissing his back through his leather vest. I ran my fingers back down his chest to the top of his rawhide pants. Undoing the button that kept them closed I eased the pants off his hips. He turned around as I got onto my knees in front of him, taking his hardening dark purple member into my mouth. He gripped my hair within his fingers as I sucked his erection deeper within my mouth, running my tongue quickly in circles over the head. His fingers flexed as he moaned pulling my head closer to himself, I opened my mouth wider allowing his hardness to go down my throat slightly trying not to gag. I relaxed the muscles of my throat to take him deeper within until my lips touched the base of his erection. I pulled my head back stroking him in and out of my mouth faster, my hot breath was heating up and I placed my hand around his now hard member. I saw that my own arousal was growing and my skin had now flushed bright red, his skin was now a dark purple.

His fingers flexed and his back arched against the sink as I felt him begin to tremble. His body began to shake and I felt his member tighten and harden more within my mouth. I knew that he was ready to release; I pulled back and felt a spurt of hot liquid shoot down onto my neck and the tops of my breasts. I quickly sucked his hardness back into my mouth as he shot more of his creaminess into my mouth, I could taste his sweet saltiness as I swallowed and sucked a little harder. I pulled off as he gave one final moan exhaling deeply. He slumped back against the kitchen sink breathing hard, trying to slow his breathing he was breathing deeper. I grabbed a towel and wiped off my neck and breasts. Standing up I grabbed Nauk’s hand and led him to the bedroom.

Irritable Desires

“Jason I cannot believe you,” I said completely enraged. Here he was showing up at my place of employment when I had strictly told him not to. I walked around the front of the receptionist desk at the salon and grabbed him by the arm. “Savannah I just want to see you, you won’t return my calls. I’m devastated and lonely without you baby,” he said pleading with his dark brown eyes, and puffing out his lower lip. “Jason, I told you already I cannot have you showing up here, I don’t want to talk to you, why can you not understand this?” I said stomping my bright pink heal on the floor as I escorted him towards the door. I straightened my bright pink trimmed black dress as I walked with one hand, grinding my fingers into his hardened muscular arm with my other, my long pink nails digging into his skin. “Celeste please just talk to me, meet me for dinner. I know you are done with work in,” he said glancing at his watch “30 minutes. Meet me for dinner in 30 minutes please, I need to see you and talk to you,” he said looking at me pathetically. “All right fine, meet me at the Backdoor Café in 30 minutes. We can talk but I’m not making any promises,” I said as I held open the door. “Ok baby see you then,” he said smiling and kissing me quickly on the cheek before he walked out the door. I shut the door and walked back to my desk, stomping my petite 5 foot 2 figure all the way back, brushing my shoulder length straight blonde hair out of my eyes as I sat back down to answer the phones. Wondering how I was going to handle having to sit at an entire dinner with Jason.

I continued working for the next thirty minutes answering the phones helping customers make appointments for hairstyles. I headed out of the salon but not before I made a quick trip into the bathroom to touch up my makeup and ensure that I looked my best even though I knew what the outcome of this conversation was going to be. I looked in the mirror admiring my dark blue eyes set upon my pretty high cheek boned face, my smooth skin with no visible signs of wrinkles yet; no one could tell that I was already 30. I worked out on a regular basis to keep my petite figure in pristine condition, my toned legs and arms were always ready to be shown off in a short skirt and tank top, my usual summer outfit when I was not at work. My perfectly round butt was toned and Jason always loved to hold onto it while I rode him. He certainly was gorgeous and fun to look at, he was just way to jealous of everything that I did and I just could not take it anymore, he was absolutely irritating. His muscular arms, abs, and legs made him look as if he was carved from stone by a sculptor. His chiseled good looks were very masculine from his short light brown hair down to his dimple on his cheek each time he smiled. He was so incredibly handsome and if not for this jealous streak we would probably still be together, the sex and everything else was incredible. I thought to myself as I walked out of the bathroom and headed outside to my car.

I got to the Backdoor Café I immediately spotted him sitting over at a table near the windows, I walked up clicking my bright pink heals across the linoleum flooring of the place. I set my mind to be stern and not give in to his whimsical thoughts of us getting back together. “Hi baby,” he said with a sincere melt your heart smile, but I was not going to fall for it I thought to myself. “Hello,” I said flatly to him in an uninterested voice. He looked a little hurt and I thought smugly good I do not want you thinking we are getting back together. I sat down and picked up the menu looking through it for something delicious to eat, I might as well enjoy the meal at least, they had great food at the Backdoor Café. I finally chose a mixed greens salad with grilled lemon pepper chicken and a balsamic vinegar dressing. A cute blonde waiter came by, he was tall and slender, fit and tan after all, it was summer and in Southern California, most of the cute blondes are tan. I thought about flirting with him but with Jason’s jealousy it would just turn into a horrible rage instead and he would cause a scene. We both ordered our meals and sat in relative silence until I had enough of it and asked, “Ok what do you want to talk about?” “Well, I just miss you so much and I’m so lonely. I need you back,” he pleaded to me. “Jason I already told you I can’t deal with your jealousy and your controlling behaviors,” I said irritated. “Yes I know and I will change I promise. We have so much fun together babe, if I could change that then we could continue. I still love you and I cannot see life without you,” he said looking into my eyes, and he sounded sincere. “Ok, you can have one more chance. I guess everyone deserves a second chance,” I said smiling back at him remembering all the fun we did have together.

We continued through dinner in idle conversation and he paid the bill when the cute waiter brought it over. We left the Café and both headed to our cars, when we got to mine he pushed my back against the car and wrapped his arms around me in a tender embrace crushing his mouth down upon mine. A tingle in my groin indicated my immediate arousal to this; he pushed his hardening manhood against me, grinding into me as he pushed my back against the car harder and kissed me deeper. His tongue slipped into my mouth swirling around my own tongue. He held me tighter as if he did not want me to leave or to let go, as the intensity of the kiss increased and he was grinding his hips into me harder. I could feel his hardness wanting to be free of his pants, he felt hot against the thin fabric of my dress. My panties were now slick with desire, and I am sure he could feel the heat emanating from my groin. I moaned softly against his lips, he reached one hand down to cup my butt in his strong masculine hand, digging his fingers into my soft flesh and squeezing. I finally broke the kiss and leaned back against the car more; he stayed pressed against me and dropped his head down to my neck breathing softly against my skin. “Baby, come home with me tonight. Just leave your car here for now and come with me,” he said grabbing my arm and pulling me towards his car. He opened the car door and I got in, he smiled and shut the door running around to the driver’s side door he jumped in and started it. Quickly pulling away from the curb, he drove faster than he should to his apartment.

When we arrived at his apartment in just a few minutes I glanced down at his groin and could tell that he was still rock hard. I reached over and rubbed his groin lightly with my fingertips in the car before he got out, he cupped my face with his hand and kissed me hard as I rubbed a little harder on his shaft, stroking my fingers over the fabric of his pants. He moaned against my mouth and I knew that he was in complete lust at the moment. He broke the kiss and opened his car door, and jogged around the front of the car to open my door, which he always liked to do. I got out of the car and he grabbed my hand as we walked up to the building, he opened the door to his security building and I hoped he had his air conditioner cranked up because it was stifling hot outside. We were greeted by the cool air inside the building it was a welcoming feeling coming in from the hot stifling heat outside. We waited for the elevator and as soon as the door opened, he pulled me into the elevator pushing the button for the fourth floor, he pushed my back against the wall of the elevator and kissed me softly on the lips, then his kiss turned hotter with more desire and passion. Pushing his tongue into my mouth, he probed around my mouth feeling all around my tongue. The elevator doors opened and a ding was heard that we were on the fourth floor. He pushed back off of me and grabbed my hand against walking down to his apartment.

He unlocked his door, and I looked at the wreath he had hanging on the door, it was a wreath I had given him to hang up to be more welcoming when he had guests which he had never hung up until now apparently. He saw me looking at the gift I had given him, he mumbled, “oh yeah I hung that up you were right it is a nice touch.” We walked into the apartment and he turned to me, he smiled as he playfully slapped my butt pulling me into him as he shut the door behind us. I took off my heals and stood looking at him smiling sweetly. He wrapped me up in his arms and almost picked me up off the ground in a hug. “I missed you so badly baby,” he said. I nodded my agreement against his muscular chest. He cupped my chin in his strong masculine hand tilting my head back so that he could kiss me; he leaned down and kissed me hard, covering my lips with his. His hand gripped the back of my head bringing me closer for his hard passionate kiss, desire rippled through my abdomen. A desire that had been building since I walked into the restaurant but had tried to deny in my own mind.

Deep within me, I felt a rush of pleasure as his hand moved from the back of my head to my cheek holding me close to him. My panties were slick with hot moistness, becoming more damp as he increased the intensity of his kiss, darting his tongue deep into my mouth, swirling around my tongue with a fury. His intensity increased as he dug his fingers into my cheek holding me in place to kiss me harder. His hardness pressed against my lower stomach as he slid a hand down to cup my butt lightly with his hand, increasing the pressure and squeezing as he ravished my mouth with his own. His hips moved back and forth slowly grinding his own thickened manhood into my stomach, dipping his hips down to brush across the top of my vaginal mound. We slowly moved out way into the house further, still locked in an embrace he slowly walked me backwards almost carrying me into the living room. I felt the couch against the back of my legs and before I knew it, I was laying back on the couch and he was on top of me spreading my legs with his own legs. Pushing up against my black silk panties, I could feel the heat from his manhood pressing against my slick panties. I spread my legs farther and wrapped my arms around his shoulders pulling him closer to me. He unwound my arms from about his head and held both wrists firmly in his one hand high above my head.

His mouth came down upon my breast, biting my hardening nipple through the fabric of my dress. I arched my back sharply throwing my head back into the couch farther. Letting go of my wrists he pulled at the straps of my dress, unzipping it with one hand behind my back that was arched off the couch. I felt the cool zipper slide down my back as he yanked down the straps off my shoulders and pulled down the dress to expose my breasts. Small perky round mounds, he took the pink nub into his mouth, the nerve-endings exploding with desire as his hot mouth engulfed my nipple deeper into the sizzling dampness. I felt his tongue flick across the tip of the nub, drawing out the nipple further and hardening it more, biting lightly as he suckled it into his mouth further. His other hand gripped my hip as he pulled me closer to him, shifting his hips to get closer to my warm slick heat. He yanked the bottom of my dress up exposing my black silk panties and grinding his hardness into me.

“Should we go in the bedroom,” I asked him breathlessly. He looked intently into my eyes; I saw the lust that darkened his eyes and a hunger within them. “Yes,” he replied gruffly getting up off the couch, grabbing my hand and pulling me up off the couch as well, he bent his knees and putting his shoulder into my stomach lifted me up over his shoulder. I yelled out in surprise as he swiftly carried me to the bedroom, one arm wrapped around my legs as I gripped my hands around his waist leaning over his shoulder and down his back, I felt a hard swat on my butt as he entered his bedroom, lightly setting me on my feet. I never minded this dominate possessive behavior, it was the jealousy that turned me off from him, the demands of where I was at all times of the day, even though he knew full well where I was. He roughly pulled the dress down off my shoulders and it lay in a pool at my feet. Then gripping the waistband of my panties he pulled them off to lay on top of my dress, I kicked them to the side with a flick of my foot. He cupped my breasts possessively within my hands, running his calloused fingers over my hardened nipples, causing sensations to explode within my abdomen.

The nerve-endings throughout my body were exploding with pleasure, my face flushed hot with desire, as I looked into his darkened lust filled eyes. I felt sensations flicker along my skin as desire and lust overtook my entire body, his hand dipped down between my thighs, exploring my soft smooth hairless flesh. His fingers lightly exploring the soft folds of my sex, parting my swollen lips a finger plunged into me with a passionate thrust. I arched my back screaming out as his one hand possessively cupped my lower back supporting me. “Let’s get more comfortable,” I said against his ear as my breath came in raspy gasps. “Ok,” he said removing his fingers from my wetness, and standing me upright. I walked shakily over to the bed and crawled up onto the bed, wiggling my butt, as I knew he was watching. I slowly turned around laying on my side across the bed gazing at him with a sultry look that showed my desire for him. He removed his shirt and pants, teasingly sliding his hands into the waistband of his boxers; he slowly eased them down his hips showing the line of pubic hair from his stomach to his impressive manhood. I groaned quietly as I watched him, I could feel the slickness between my thighs. He finally pulled his boxers off with a smile exposing his thickened manhood, impressive he looked bigger and harder than the last time, I saw him. He crossed the room and climbed onto the bed, his eyes betraying the hunger he was feeling. In one swift movement, he was on the bed and gripping the back of my head crushing my mouth with a kiss that had my toes curling. I felt a surge of wetness between my thighs, as his hand slipped between my legs and plunged deep into the wet fold of my sex. Exploring me, he slipped in a second finger, scissoring his fingers and bringing me to the edge of a climax almost immediately. I spread my legs wider as he continued to explore my depths. I felt myself beginning to let go, releasing my inhibitions and moaning loudly my feminine muscles clamped down surrendering to ecstasy my juices flowing around his fingers. He looked deeply into my eyes as he kissed me again, pulling me closer to him. He pulled me on top of him so that I was straddling his waist. Sliding my hips down I slid his hardened erection over my swollen lips, feeling the heat from him. Slipping back and forth over the tip of his penis, feeling it against my clit I pushed down harder rubbing across it quickly. I moved my hips in a circular motion grinding into his hardness with my engorged hardened nub.

He grasped my hips in his hands, pushing down on my hips he shifted and I felt his shaft stroke up into me. An explosion of desire filled my womb and had me panting trying to catch my breath. I started to move my hips faster up and down, riding his hard shaft until we were both moaning in unison. I felt him harden more within me, hitting just the right spot each time I thrust downwards so he was deeper within me. His fingers were digging into my soft flesh of my hips holding me down and thrusting his hips upward to pound his hardness within me. After several hard thrusts I felt him shuddering, as I threw my head back my muscles clamped down as I felt myself moaning loudly, my body shook uncontrollably as my climax took over taking me over the edge. I felt hot spurts of desire fill me as he released deep within me. I collapsed forward my hair falling around him like a curtain, as I lay panting across his chest trying to slow my beating heart. He wrapped me in a loving embrace, trailing his fingers lightly up and down my back, shifting he laid me lightly on the bed. Laying in each other’s arms we fell asleep fully satisfied from our recent adventure, looking forward to more time together. “I love you,” he said kissing my hair softly as we both drifted off to sleep.

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