Romance Story:- Blues For Ruby



I had been frequenting the bar for half a month when I at last got the opportunity to meet Ruby.

One Saturday, I was there without anyone else as my ‘group’ had gone to hang out at somewhere else at Ikeja.

I was at a table with two different folks I didn’t realize that well however I had seen them two or multiple times at the bar.

We as a whole sat drinking and tuning in to the music. At that point after Ruby completed her tune, she ventured down from the stage and amazingly strolled towards our table.

It turned out she knew part of the gang at my table-he was an old classmate of hers.

I watched her intently as she sat talking animatedly with the person named Joe. She more likely than not saw the manner in which I was gazing for at a point, she went to me, grinned and said.

“Expectation you’ve been having fun.”

“Because of you, I have. You have an incredible voice,” I said.

She grinned once more.

“Much obliged.”

“Your fan base is expanding every day Ruby,” her companion noted. “I thoroughly consider it’s opportunity to arrive with that collection like I’ve been guiding you to do.”

“Ok, Joe, you realize how intense it is getting a record bargain in this city.”

“In case you’re not kidding about making a collection, I could help with that,” I said. I don’t have the foggiest idea why I said that since I was not a record maker or music mark proprietor. I was a planner who thought minimal about media outlets separated from my affection for music.

In any case, I considered that to be an opportunity of drawing near to her, to hear that voice as frequently as I needed and I got it.

“Truly? ” said Ruby, an energized look all over.

“Are you a maker?” Joe asked, taking a gander at me hypothetically.

I shook my head. “Not a chance. Be that as it may, I know a couple of individuals in the business.”

All things considered, it was Kingsley, old buddy, an amusement journalist with a paper around the local area who knew such individuals. He was even companions with music stars like 2Face, the twin siblings Psquare, Wizkid, D’banj and some top Nollywood on-screen characters and entertainers too. Along these lines, when I said I knew individuals in the business, it was Kingsley I had at the top of the priority list.

That night, Ruby and I traded contacts, with the guarantee to help her scout for a record maker who could help her in her vocation.

“Hang tight, Tobi. What did you simply state?” Kingsley asked, a skeptical look all over. We were sitting in my vehicle left before his office. I had driven there after I shut from work to consider him to be I couldn’t hold up till we got together throughout the end of the week.

“You heard me. I truly need your assistance man,” I argued.

“Be that as it may, for what reason would you say you are doing this? You scarcely know the young lady!”

“That is not the issue now,” I said. “Do whatever you can to help. Call your contacts in the business. Simply accomplish something!”

“I’ll see what I can do. I have a meeting with Wizkid’s maker in the not so distant future. I’ll examine it with him.”

That will be extraordinary!” I stated, punching him energetically on the arm.

He gave me a curious look at that point stated:

“Stunning! I’ve never observed you this energetic about anything previously, Tobi. What’s happening with you?”

“It’s that voice, Kingsley. Whenever I hear it, I feel her ability is being squandered singing in a bar. She ought to be out there enthralling a more extensive group of spectators… like she has done to me.”

He gestured. “I see. Presently, I comprehend what has befallen you.”

“What’s more, what’s that?” I questioned.

He set his hand on his chest.

“You’ve begun to look all starry eyed at. With her.”

I chuckled at his words.

“What are you discussing, Kingsley? What does love have to do with this? You know me, I don’t possess energy for stuff that way.”

“At that point for what reason would you say you are so worried about her and her profession? You are neither her sibling nor spouse!”

I shrugged. “I let you know I don’t need her ability to go to squander.”

“On the off chance that you say as much,” he stated, opening the vehicle entryway. “I have to return to work before that mischievous proofreader of dig begins searching for me. Today is my creation day and we’re delayed. I’ll give you criticism in a couple of days.”

He got down from the vehicle and stuck his head through the window.

“Furthermore, give my respects to the young lady with the brilliant voice that has caught an unfeeling nature like yours!” he stated, giggling.

I grimaced at him as I watched him leave, at that point I began the vehicle and drove home.

Kingsley kept to his words. The next week, he orchestrated Ruby to meet with the Producer at his studio in Ikeja. The night prior to the arrangement, she called to offer her thanks for my help to her.

“It’s nothing,” I said generous. “It will be ‘criminal’ to permit a capable artist like you go to squander.”

That weekend, I was at the bar to loosen up just as observe Ruby. With me were Kingsley and Mark.

Afterward, she approached our table after her exhibition.

“In this way, how could it go?” I asked excitedly.

“It was alright. He enjoyed my voice and the tune I composed, ” she said. “He has consented to work with me.”

“Goodness! That is cool,” said Kingsley. “You should have truly intrigued him since he’s extremely critical. He doesn’t work with just anyone.”

“Well done,” I said.

“Much appreciated,” she grinned at me. At that point she included: “There’s just a single issue however.”

“What’s it?” I inquired.

“His expenses. He needs N500k.”

“What?” Mark said. “A large portion of a million Naira only for a solitary? What amount of will he charge for a full collection at that point?”

“He’s perhaps the best maker in the nation today that is the reason his charge is high. A large portion of the hit tunes you hear on radio are his handwork. He works with generally top artistes in the business,” Kingsley clarified.

“You are correct,” Ruby said. “Wizkid was simply leaving the studio when I arrived. Appeared they had been working throughout the night as he looked extremely drained.” She stopped before saying with a moan: “It’s been my fantasy to work with a maker like that. In any case, I may need to abandon that as I don’t have that sort of cash.”

“Remain solid, young lady! Try not to surrender too effectively on your fantasies,” Mark said.

“He’s correct, you know,” I put in. “I’m set in stone will work out well at last.”

Kingsley then proposed she got together with another maker he knew. “Eazzy K is similarly great and the reward is, he has a record mark. I’ll orchestrate a gathering for you.”

“Much appreciated, Kingsley. I acknowledge, ” she said.

A quarter of a year LATER…

I was at home sleeping one Sunday evening on the lounge love seat when my telephone rang.

It was Ruby.

“Is it safe to say that you were sleeping? Sorry for awakening you.”

I sat up and yawned. ” It’s alright. It was time I got up at any rate,” I said. “What’s going on?”

“Think about what Tobi? We are dropping my single this week!” she declared energetically.

“That is extraordinary news! Well done!”

“Much appreciated! I can’t trust it myself! Now and again, I feel I’m imagining and I’ll wake up and it will all blur away.”

“It’s genuine, darling.”

A great deal had occurred since she met with Eazzy K a few months back. Fortunately, he had preferred her voice and work enough to sign her on his name. She had promptly begun work on her first collection; the single she was discharging was a piece of the collection.

” I’m concerned however,” she said in a dubious tone.

“About what?”

“Regardless of whether individuals will like the melody, in the event that it will progress nicely and… ”

“Try not to stress over that, Ruby. You will do fine and dandy,” I consoled her.

“Like truly?”

“Trust me. You’ll thump them out with that voice of yours.”

As you did to me, I pondered internally with a grin.

“Incidentally, Eazzy is setting up a dispatch party Friday night. He has booked the bar for it. Expectation you can make it.”

“Obviously I’ll be there. Nothing will ward off me from such free liquor!” I said and she chuckled.

The gathering was heating up pleasantly when I landed at about 8pm. My ‘pack’ was additionally there in full power.

“What took you such a long time? ” Kingsley asked as I plunked down other than him. He blew a ring of tobacco smoke in my face and I dismissed my face before I got choked by the harmful exhaust.

“Traffic,” I said. I got his glass of brew, depleted it and cleaned my lips.

“Where’s Ruby?” asked Chidi.

“I saw her a brief time back with her supervisor,” Mark said.

“She as of now has a director?” Chidi shouted. “Na wa o! Her levels wear change!”

“It should,” Kingsley said. “Her single is doing very well since it dropped a couple of days prior it’s getting a ton of airplay and the audits are incredible. It will be a hit particularly if the video is on a par with the tune.”

A brief time later, Ruby approached our table to visit with the folks. She channeled joyfully as they saluted her on the dispatch.

“I wish you numerous long periods of progress ahead!” said Mark.

“Remember us o when you become as large as Wizkid and Davido!” Chidi contributed.

“Much appreciated folks for your help and consolation. I acknowledge,” she stated, shaking hands and backslapping round the table.

At that point she gravitated toward to me and murmured in my ear.

“Would i be able to see you for a moment?”

We strolled towards the back of the bar to the far reaching vehicle leave.

I inclined toward a vehicle and observed inquisitively as she opened her tote and drew out a blessing wrapped case.

She offered it to me.

“I realize this isn’t much, Tobi however it’s my little token of gratefulness for everything you’ve accomplished for me.”

I opened the case and grinned at its substance two or three ties and sleeve buttons.

“There was no requirement for this, ” I said.

She shook her head.

“There is,” she demanded. “You were one of only a handful couple of individuals who trusted in me and attempted to support me. It’s uncommon in our general public today in light of the fact that numerous individuals would prefer not to help except if they are receiving something consequently.”

“It was your voice that did it. I adored it directly from the first occasion when I heard you sing.”

She held my hand and looked up at me.

“Is that all you like about me, Tobi? Simply my voice?”

From the black out light from a close-by streetlamp, I could see a sincere, energetic look o

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