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True to form, the house was unfilled when Oma opened the front entryway and let herself in with the key Daniel had given her. He was not over from work and Mama Rukevwe, his cook and servant had shut for the afternoon.

Looking at the clock on the divider, she saw it was past nine o’clock, the standard time he came back from work except if he went elsewhere subsequent to leaving the workplace. She got a beverage from the kitchen and plunked down in the parlor to hang tight for him. Oma grinned, envisioning the expression all over when he saw her in his home.

In spite of the fact that she had been at the house a few times, she had never dozed over in spite of Daniel’s arguing.

“Why, Oma? On the off chance that you cherish me, you’ll need to be with me. What’s the issue?” he asked in an exasperated tone. This was about a month after their arrival from Ibeshe Sea Beach Village. They had been seeing consistently from that point forward and had become close.

Without precedent for years, Oma was enamored; her affections for Daniel had turned out to be solid to such an extent that there were times she feared the power. It was something out of her control, made her vibe powerless and defenseless and she detested that.

She stressed over numerous things including what’s to come. Imagine a scenario in which things did not work out between them. Would she be able to confide in Daniel with her heart? Consider the possibility that he made herextremely upset, hurt her; would she be able to deal with the torment of awfulness, of dismissal. What if… ?

Particularly with the to some degree ‘playa’ notoriety he had in the city’s groups of friends where he was outstanding as indicated by a portion of the stuff she had perused up about him in tattle magazines.

He had been connected with some general public women around the local area including an exceptionally prevalent Nollywood on-screen character who had an affinity for dating for the most part well off businesspeople and top individuals in the public eye.

Oma had gotten some information about the on-screen character, in the event that they had been seeing someone he had denied it.

“She required a supporter for a film she needed to deliver and somebody presented us,” he had uncovered. “We ate a few times to talk about the generation and the general public magazines, tattle cloth sheets and bloggers went gaga over us with shouting features, for example, “Provocative Nollywood entertainer in sizzling sentiment with Lagos Big Boy!” he included, snickering.

“On the off chance that you think all that you read in these papers, at that point you’ll think anything.” Despite his clarification, regardless she breast fed the dread that what was befalling them, their sentiments and love for one another could all turn out badly whenever.

Like what had occurred in her past relationship. It was this dread kept her from submitting completely to him as he wanted.

Daniel had guaranteed her, her feelings of dread were superfluous.

“You stress excessively, Oma! I cherish you and will never effectively hurt you.” He had said it so often since their relationship began that she started to trust him.

Along these lines, here she was, in his home. She was going to spring an amazement on him as he didn’t know she was coming.

Her lips bended in a grin as she suspected of his response on observing her. Be that as it may, where was he, she pondered as she went into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

She was tied in with getting him to discover his whereabouts when she heard the sound of the key in the entryway.

She dropped the glass and immediately strolled to the family room, just to leave dead speechless at the sight before her.

Entering through the entryway was Daniel, shutting pursued by a woman. It was not his sister Gina whom she had met a few times in the house.

So who was she, this bizarre woman who was clutching Daniel’s arm as though she possessed him?

An astonished look went ahead Daniel’s face on observing her.

“Oma! What a shock! When did you arrive? I had no clue you were coming,” he said as he moved rapidly to remain by her. She looked at the woman then up at him.

“I can see that,” she stated, her voice dribbling with mockery. The young woman, who had dropped her sack on the lounge chair, approached them, giving Daniel an inquisitive look. “Danny, who’s she?”

He did the presentations. “Letty, this is Oma, my better half, the woman I delineated for you. Oma, this is Letty, a companion.”

A companion, he said. What sort of female companion canal boats into a man’s home at nine o’clock during the evening? Must be a sweetheart, she thought. Also, here she was prepared and willing to submit completely to him! How might he do this to her, she thought with some sharpness, as her eyes analyzed Letty.

She was of normal tallness, thin with a decent trim figure which she flaunted in cozy fitting stockings and a tight top.

Her hair was in long twists which surrounded her pretty face. Oma went to go looking for her pack and leave as she was feeling like an interloper.

In any case, Daniel held her hand and drove her down the passageway towards his lair.

“I have to go.”

“What’s the surge?” he questioned. “You came to see me and here I am! All in all, for what reason would you like to surge off now?” Then moving nearer to her, he included, his mouth turned in a little grin: “Is it as a result of Letty? Try not to disclose to me you’re envious! Ha! Ladies and envy!” There was a diverted tone in his voice.

Oma was not interested. “What has desire got the chance to do with it?” she answered. “I go to your home to shock you, you appear with a woman and you anticipate that me should be cheerful? Somebody you guarantee is a companion however is acting generally!”

“Alright, alright! Quiet down, darling! We don’t need to battle about this,” said Daniel placatingly. He sat on the edge of his work area and held her hands, drawing her nearby.

“Okay,” she yielded hesitantly. “You state she’s a companion however the vibes from her show generally. Daniel, who’s she?” She needed reality and that’s it.

“All things considered, Letty and I dated for some time a few years back. Be that as it may, we separated two years prior and we stayed companions. She’s even connected with to another person now,” he clarified.

She arrived Lagos a couple of days back for a visit from her base in Calabar and approached the workplace to see him prior in the day. She needed us to visit, make up for lost time with bygone eras, so tailed me home,” he said.

“All things considered, I have to leave at that point, so you can do all the making up for lost time you need!” she said in a snide way.

“Pause, Oma!” he entreated as she turned towards the entryway. “Try not to go! I need you to remain. If you don’t mind Allow me a moment alright? Will be back soon.”

Oma was appreciating an artistic creation on the divider, of a gathering of anglers throwing their nets in the water when he returned at some point later.

He remained behind her, his hands on her shoulders. “You like it?” he asked, looking at the work of art.

It helps me to remember some place… ”

“Ibeshe. The scene appears to be like that at the town when the anglers are out adrift,” he noted. She turned round and took a gander at him acutely.

“Shouldn’t something be said about your visitor? Aren’t you disregarding her?”

He had showered and transformed from his work garments into increasingly easygoing wear-shorts and a T shirt.

“Letty? She’s gone.”

“Gracious!” she stated, feeling satisfied at the news.

“Expectation my essence didn’t pursue her away,” she stated, moving without end to remain at the window that disregarded the greenhouse at the terrace of the house.

“Indeed, as it’s been said, there can’t be two skippers in a vessel or it will sink.”

“Along these lines, I’m currently a skipper?” she questioned.

She could feel him close at her back, at that point his hands held her by the midriff and attracted her to him.

She shut her eyes and breathed in the somewhat musky fragrance of his scent, the glow of his body making her vibe loose…

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